Physical address:  GRKC, 6320 6 MILE ROAD, RACINE, WI 53402

mailing address:  GRKC, PO box 762, racine, wi  53402-0762

-  Club Email Addresses  -


Agility Classes:
Agility Run Thrus:
Agility Trials:

Conformation Show:


All Obedience Classes (Including Puppy Manners): Or call Jean at 262-995-3024

Obedience Run Thrus:

Obedience Trials:

For inquiries about renting our building, please email

-  GRKC Board Members & Other Contacts  -

President:  Cheryl  Robotka, email:

Vice President:  Lisa Marshall, email:

Secretary:  Diane Allard, email:

Treasurer:  Gail Miller, email:

Controller:  Erina Fitzgerald, email:

Board Member:  Ellen Hauerwas-Williams, email:

 Board Member:  Michele Miller, email:

 Board Member:  Sheri Laugenberg

Director of Obedience:  Jean Nelson, email:

Agility Director/Trial Chair:  Mary Jane Trate, email:

Obedience Trial Chair:  Marianne Laird, email:

Obedience Trial Chair:  Gail Miller, email:

Conformation Show Chair:  Kevin Carlson, email:

Director of Conformation: Pat Darling, phone: 262-633-2938

Long Range Planning:  Mary Schacht, email:

Building Maintenance:  Mike Sparbel, email:

Building Rentals:  Lisa Grodey, email:

Key Purchase Program:  Vicky Durben, email:

Sunshine Committee:  Gail Miller, email:

Obedience Run Thrus:  Cheri Hayek, email:

Agility Run Thrus: Diane & Lindsay Allard, email:

Publications/Media:  Erin Kidd, email:

PR/Demos:  Kelly Schneider, email: