- The 2019 CDSP Obedience Run Thrus -

March 29th and April 26th

Click HERE for more information & Entry sheet

 -Agility Run Thrus -

CLICK HERE for the Agility Run Through entry form.

Please refer to the GRKC Calendar that can be found on the Home Page for dates.

Please check the announcements and/or calendar on the homepage of the website for dates when we will have Agility Run Thrus.

Unless otherwise specified, doors open at 6:00pm, and the first dog will run at 6:30pm.  Entries close at 7:00pm.

Pre-entries recommended.

The cost is $5.00 for the first run, $3.00 for the second run, with the same dog. Full details on the entry form.

For more information, please contact Diane or Lindsay Allard at 414-764-2567, or email agilityrunthrough.grkc@gmail.com

- Conformation Run Thrus -

Conformation Run Thrus are done in conjunction with Conformation class. 

Please see our Conformation class page.

- Obedience Run Thrus -

Obedience Run Throughs are the first Friday of every month except July, August and September.

Doors open at 6:00pm and rings begin working at 6:30pm. Gate entries close at 7:30pm. Pre-entries are recommended. 

The cost is $5.00 for first run, $3.00 for second run with the same dog. 

Details and mailing address on the entry form. 

CLICK HERE for the Obedience Run Through Entry Form..

For more information, contact Suzie Zoromskis at 262-989-7894 or email obediencerunthru.grkc@gmail.com.